I'm sure nobody cares, but...

the link leads you to my new blog. I think I am going to be there more often than on this one. Nevermind. You may continue ignoring me again.

wow I got melancholic.

I just realized that I spent the last 2 years alone. I lost almost every single friend (except for my best friend) and I am alone in my room almost every day.

What happened.

I used to have friends, I used to enjoy life… now I am just a lonely fuckup.

my dog doesn’t stop to destroy my homework. this isn’t even funny anymore

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“you’re too old to see animated movies”

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Those followers who still follow you no matter what you spam <3 <3 <3

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first snow


first snow

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it really happened. my dog tried to eat my homework.

Anonymous sent: i feel so bad for asking this but r u a girl or boy? i just couldnt tell by ur picture .-.

you don’t need to feel bad. I am gender fluid.

Anonymous sent: how old r u, random person? (:

what the- I am not a random person. haha

I’m 18.